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Liquid fudge from Brittany

Liquid fudgeBrittanyCrème de Salidou
There are lots of creperies in Paris, some of the best are around Montparnasse train station. I love eating crepes (pancakes), both sweet and savoury!

My absolute favourite filling is from Brittany. It’s an amazing spread called Creme de Salidou which is actually a little like salted caramel (that sounds awful but it really really works). Is is normally made in Quiberon, a town in Brittany (North Est France).

It is also really good on Panna Cotta or even mixed with really cold fromage frais or greek smoothed yoghurt.

So try it, order it, buy it, because it will sincerely give you a true taste of old France and the simple yet delicious products they have here xxx

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