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Moroccan Honey and Lavender face treat!


French organic homemade Moroccan facial mask

Taking care of me. Now that’s something that, even if I don’t think I have the time to do, I tend to just make time for. It’s not just about looking good, staying fresh and wanting to appear youthful. It’s about saying thank you to what keeps us up and about! Thanks to our wonderful and beautiful bodies, whatever the shape of form, it’s important to cherish what we do to them (and what we put inside it) and this, I have learnt very much from French women and the Moroccan and Tunisian ladies that I often meet in Paris.

This is a wonderful recipe for a face mask that was given to me by a beautiful lady who owns a Hamman in the 20th arrondissement of Paris. It’s a traditional Moroccan skin care treat that’s so easy to make!


It nourishes and softens the skin thanks to the honey, moisturizes and fights inflammation with the rose, tones and revitalises with the lavender and balances the skin and clears the complexion thanks to the sage. I only use organic ingredients for this but you can just use what you find at your local market or health shop.


1 pot of organic honey (I use mountain honey)

5 drops of lavender essential oil + 5 drops of sage essential oil + 7 drops of Damask rose essential oil

Put the honey in a big jam jar and add precisely the amount of drops that are layed out above. Make sure you mix this all together well and let sit with the lid closed for 24 hours.

To use:

take a small brush (preferably for cosmetic use, it’s less abrasive) and paint the rich mixture onto your face. It will run a little so best to put it on when you are lying in the bath. Light a few candles and rest for 20mn. Rinse off with LUKEWARM water.

You will feel the difference!!! I love the smell and feel of a totally moisturized and plumped face! Now we know where oriental women get their beautiful glow from!



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