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My British Breakfast and my eggfriends

British breakfastEgg breakfast ParisParis brunch

My son and I love eggs and I adore eating them in the morning. They are super good for you (especially the organic kind or fresh free range), and just so tasty!!!! I choc my French friends as eating eggs here in the morning is a kind of no-no but most places in Paris are starting to serve brunch so my Frenchy friends are coming round to the idea of our bald little friends on the breakfast table!

I also like to dress my egg buddies up. So once they are boiled and ready to serve, we paint on them, give them faces, I love doing that! It’s even better when there are several people brunching with you as that means a whole lotta eggs to decorate and a whole theme you can give the brunch!

Painted eggs

Being part Brit and being in France, I definitely miss home. So for Christmas I ordered myself this super English eggcup and soldier cut out mould. Don’t you LOVE this little guy and the little bread soldiers!!!?

Well I am biased of course… not everyone loves the Union Jack on their plate in the morning. I guess.

I got it from the famous online Marks & Spencer website, they deliver everywhere plus I have my very own store here in Paris where I also shop.

Happy breakfast, brunch or night time eggy snack. Get those pens and egg cups out and have some fun!!! xoxoxo

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  1. Anne

    My dear Fiona,
    Thank you for this yummy post, couldn’t let it go by without a comment. I keep looking at that delicious egg dish you’ve created and have decided to start collecting your recipes in my journal. Hope you’re working on a cookbook because I think the wonderful recipes and beautiful images should be published. And I’d love to buy it! Much love to you, Anne

    • Fiona

      Dearest Anne, thank you, your encouragement really goes straight to my heart and to be in your journal is an honour! I think I will have a look at putting some recipes together and sending them to some publishers! It’s a great idea. Merci, merci. And as alway, love to you also, Fiona xoxoxoxo

  2. Yummy soldiers!! but I miss the brithish wonderfull- unhealthy bacon.
    xxoo from Andalucía.

    • Fiona

      Hey there! lovely blog you have! Yup soldiers AND bacon AND fried bread, sausages and baked beans… mmm, the full fry up! The effects of it are dire though, as you mention!…. Kisses from Paris xoxoxo

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