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Natural cupcakes with chocolate topping

cupcakeschocolate topping
Wonderful, simple but incredibly enjoyable recipee. Can also be personalised for children with coloured sprinkles or sweets.

Ingredients for cake

250g soft butter

250g sifted flour

250g fine sugar

4 eggs

Ingredients for topping:

250g cream

100g dark cocoa powder (best is Nestlé)

Preheat your oven to 190°C.

Mix the butter and sugar together into a creamy texture, add sifted flour and one egg at a time, making sure every egg is thoroughly mixed in before you add the next. Make sure the consistency is thick and creamy.

Butter your cupcake or muffin moulds and spread evenly then insert into oven for 20mn at 190°C or until you can poke a knife into them and it comes out clean.

Next step is to take them out and let them cool.

In the meantime, pour the cream into a bowl and mix with the cocao until even.

Once your cupcakes have completely cooled (this is important as the icing will not stay on if hot), spread or pour the chocolate topping onto them or even coat them thoroughly by rolling the cake into the bowl itself.

I choose to leave some natural and neutral as simple is also sometimes just as tasty.

Then let them rest for 30mn.

You can either serve them with a big dollop of vanilla ice cream or, a spoon of whipped cream.

Enjoy with a cup of South African Rooibos tea and feel the smile spread accross your face xxx

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