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Phil’s recipe for Fish (SEABASS) Tacos

45 avenue du Penon Fish TacosI have already spoken about one of my favourite local eateries, 45 avenue du Penon held by Phil and his beautiful girlfriend Suzie.

Well here folks, is a ParisHues Premiere:

Phil agreed to let me film him making his Fresh Tomato Salsa and EPIC Fish Tacos. All the instructions are in the video, the freshest ingredients are always best but do with what you can. I LOVE THIS RECIPE and got to taste them after and GOODNESS the tacos were out of this galaxy.

So rest up your little tired summer tootsies, grab your notebook and pen and watch Phil at work. If you want to go and taste them go HERE for more info.

Also, you may want to go visit Phil’s Seabass blog as he is a super talented fisherman (hence why we locals all like going to eat at his: it’s the freshest fish in town!). It’s fun, super informative and it’s great to learn something new with the help of a very enthusiastic expert! Thanks so much for sharing all this with us Phil xoxoxo

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  1. phil

    hey stoked with the video and thanks so much… i heard you came by the other night sorry i missed you guys…….

  2. jon james

    love phil’s food,sweet video, gonna give it a try, can’t wait to get back to sw france to eat here again

    • Fiona

      thanks Jon, hope to see you one day at Phil’s definitely.

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