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Pukka (organic herbal teas)!

herbal teafavorite brand - Pukka
I drink too much tea, so to stop me from over doing and suffering the side effects (nervoussness, impatience, wanting to run through the streets of Paris singing at the top of my lungs), I tend to drink herbal tea. I have it warm or as iced tea (which means I poor hot water into a thick heat resistant jug and put my bag in, leave it to cool then put in the fridge for a few hours – this is heavenly in summer). My favourite brand is the Pukka brand I get from my local organic food shop (Bio Coop) and the packaging is gorgeous too, so it makes the kitchen look fresh and pretty.
The flavours are unique and my favourites are: 3 mints, 3 gingers and Refresh. Find them online and at all organic shops here. They really are refreshing, super tasty and really good for you too!
Teas - Pukkaorganic herbal tea - PukkaPukka brand

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