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Staying healthy during the winter: some French recipe ideas

I often get asked why it is that French women look so good?

I have to agree, they look great. They also love to feel great.

Since I am a fan and follower of the you are what you eat principal, I just wanted to share some past recipes that I were passed on to me by my family and friends who live here in France. I love making beautiful cakes and desserts but these recipes seem to balance it all out with some healthy recipe ideas!

Yes, it’s all about a varied diet and having FUN making your snacks or dishes but it’s also about keeping you and your family as strong as possible to keep those horrible winter colds and infections away!

I hope you find these useful, let me know what you think and mail me with your healthy recipes!

Vai Vai Water

Vai Vai Water to drink


Super yummy fig shake and fig recipes


Fresh Caprese salad

Pot au Feu recipe

French warming Pot au Feu recipe

Quinoa recipe

Quinoa and Cumin with Yoghurt


Strawberry and Oat Smoothie

Guariguette strawberry and oat smoothy booster

Einkorn bread recipe

Organic Einkorn Bread

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