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The real guacamole

Authentic GuacamoleGuacamole snackFrench Guacamole

I could eat avocadoes every day. They are good for you. They are slightly more fattening than other veggies but who cares, it’s not like you are going to overdose on eating them, like a night in eating avocadoes while watching black and white flicks or anything.

But wait.

You could.

If avocadoes are transformed into GUACAMOLE.

Thats means eating mexican patterned bowl loads of the fine dip.

So I take that back. You can overdose on Guacamole. So go eeeeasy on it if you are like, on a diet.

If not, you can eat it all. night. long.

Knock yourself out. Guacamole FEVER style.

It’s good for YOU.

Here is my recipe passed on to me by a dear dear French friend of mine who lived on the US/Mexican border for years. She hasn’t really converted it to France at all. So for me, it’s the real Guacamole.

What’s in it?

5 large soft and ripe avocadoes
2 large limes,  juiced
1  diced medium white onion
3/4 cup of finely chopped cilantro
1 large diced tomato
finely chopped fresh jalapeno (optional) and you CAN add cumin


1 Slice avocados in half. Scoop out of shells with a spoon and place in a bowl.
2 Add the juice of one fresh lime to prevent browning. Use a fork and mash to desired consistency.
3 Add chopped onions, tomato, and cilantro. Stir.
4 Add juice of second lime and then salt to taste. Stir just slightly, until incorporated.
5 Add jalapeño and cumin to taste.
6 Serve with your favorite tortilla chips for a dip, peta bread, toasted bread or just scoop into your mouth.

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