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Vintage tea with style

Like a lot of us, I like to drink tea. Lots of the liquid.

However I do like to drink my tea in a proper tea cup. And I LOVE to organise tea parties for me and the girls.

I was having a few girlfriends over this weekend and was setting up the table for them, before they arrived, and thought I would show you the result!

Its great to mix differents tea sets, using a saucer from one, a cup from another…

These sets of China were a gift from my great Aunts who were avid tea drinkers themselves.

I then prepared biscuits (some home made cookies and some Chamonix Orange flavoured biscuits from here in France) on some little plates. They were all gone by the times the girls were done with them. Some Earl Grey in one tea pot and jasmin green tea in another. MMMmmmm… There’s no taste quite like it xxxxxx

vintage tea servicevintage tea cupvintage tea cupsEnglish vintage tea service

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