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Winter low fat Guariguette & Oat smoothie

French strawberry smoothie

This is delicious and a heavenly snack that I have in winter to keep my body going (the strawberries and the yogurt are great for energy levels and your defense system).

Here, I use the Guarigette which is a beautiful type of strawberry from Brittany, it’s a little smaller than most varieties but very very tasty and sweet. I buy mine in summer and freeze them. Alternatively you can use frozen raspberries too.


1 cup of ice

1/2 cup frozen Guariguette strawberries

1/2 cup plain low fat yogurt

1 banana, 1/2 cup breakfast oats

1 tablespoon honey

What to do?

Just put all of this into a blender and push the button. Pour out but let stand for about 5 mn, I find that helps get the sting out of the cold. If too nippy for you, just leave out the ice.


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  1. That sounds DELICIOUS !!!!!! I am going to give it a try. We use a juicer every morning to juice fruit and veggies. I bet you would love that too. PS. What font is this? Very cool !! Bisous xx

    • Fiona

      Yes I WOULD love that! I will pop round for breakfast at yours then, you know, on my way to work ;-)
      We do that in summer but in winter (when I should be drinking gallons of juice for the vitamins and all) I stick to my toasted baguette and apricot and almond jam. MMMMmmmmm.
      This font was personalised by me and my fabulous designer Lucie, so thank you lovely!!! xxxxxx

  2. Stacy

    Qu’est-ce que ça veut dire, “breakfast” oats–regular oatmeal? Are they uncooked or cooked? Aussi, si je n’ai pas de Guariguette, est-ce que je dois mettre les fraises ordinaires ou les framboises? Moi, je préfère les myrtilles, plus que toutes les deux, les fraises ou les framboises, mais je ne connais pas les Gariguettes. Peut-être elles sont super bonnes. :-) Merci!

    • Fiona

      Hello Stacy, breakfast oatmeal is indeed regular oatmeal, the cooked kind. You can otherwise make your own the day before (cook them yourself) and use them. You can subsitute with myrtilles if you wish however you may need to adjust how you sweetene the smoothie as they might bring less sugar to the general taste. Hope it works for you! Do let me know. Fiona

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