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Woll beer RULES

Woll BeerWoll BeerWoll Beer

Drinking Beer.

Now there’s a subject for a blogger/writer/summer lovin’ type of gal.

I discovered beer, like properly started to LOVE drinking beer, in a bizarre way. I train for triathlons (as all the people around me will tell you…) and after my first triathlon a month ago the only thing I desperately wanted was a sparkling, fresh, honey like BEER. I think I was craving the yeast.

Yeah right.

I just wanted one. And I had three. After a race it makes you kinda dizzy but man does it hit that spot.

So I threw myself onto my lovely little bottled pals that I keep super fresh in my fridge while my tired little tootsies were dipped in the cool pool (it’s a hard life). Woll Beer was created in Hossegor by the dudes that have the All Good store. It’s strong yet subtle, hits that spot when you are thirsty and need to drink and

it doesn’t mess about.

The crew created it in France but it’s brewed in Germany and it’s an artisan beer which I love. Not overly commercial, no selling themselves for the sake of volume. The guys have stuck to an after surf vibe which I love.

IF you can’t find them near you, order them to come to you. Here

It’s a simple thing and will bring you much much happiness.

A beer bubble honey dipped kind of happiness. Trust me.

Woll Beer

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