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Paris Markets

Paris marketsI decided I wanted to treat myself and the Man to something nice and living near two great markets in Paris, I decided to go early get some seafood (my favourite food in the WORLD).
So its the end of Oyster season here in France, obviously some Fine de Clair were not an option and I got 12 which kept beautifully in the fridge until dinner time. Sea urchin (on toast, preferably dark and wholemeal) and half a fresh crab.
With this, I boiled some fresh white asparagus, made a light vinegrette dressing and bought some fresh tomatoes that I sliced and drizzled in Olive Oil, coating the lot with taragon and sea salt.
There are many different markets in Paris, my personal favourites:
Marché Richard Lenoir and marché Oberkampf, both in the 11th.
Here is a cool website with all of Paris’s markets, location and openings.
Les Marchés de Paris

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