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My photo tour of Paris rooftops


déli-cieux Le Printemps Paris

Photo Opera Garnier

Tour Montparnasse Paris

I love to lunch at the yummiest self service I think I have ever been to with the best views of Paris. Ever. The Eiffel tower, the Opéra Garnier and so much more to see… without having to move more than a few metres!

At the top of Le Printemps department store on boulevard Haussman, one of my favourite places to lunch watches over Paris: déli-cieux

So I thought it was time I took lots of pics and share with you a little guide of Paris rooftops whilst eating my yummy Parisian burger! A little tour I am sharing with you today and tomorrow. Hope you like these amazing views as much as I do?!

A demain for more views from déli-cieux’s terrace!

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  1. Lindsay

    Your blog is absolutely incredible. I could not believe it when I saw there were no comments. The pictures are stunning, the writing is fresh and interesting, and I cannot express how badly it all makes me want to return to Paris.

    Keep up the amazing work!

    PS – what font is this? It’s cool!

    • Fiona

      Hello Lindsay. You cannot imagine the happiness your comment has provided me. Thank you. Indeed blogging is a difficult art as it is a lot of work and very hard to get noticed in this vast ocean that is the web. If you would like to pass my blog on to your friends and to anybody who would like to feature or advertise on it, please do.
      The main aim however is to share a Parisian life with whoever is interested and I am so so happy that you like it!! I do look forward to hearing from you again soon! Fiona
      PS: the font used is a Word Press font that I found with my wonderful webdesigners, I am afraid I cannot track the exact name for it anymore but you can look up Word Press fonts. I am sure you can find it there!

  2. Hello! i came over from TheArtofDoingStuff. Thought I recognised the view in the first picture, I’ve had lunch there a couple of times on visits to Paris, and I agree, the views are amazing! Now off to look at the rest of your blog! See ya!

    • Fiona

      Super cool! Hope you liked the blog and that you keep stopping by! Fiona

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