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About my recent photography

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As you might know, photography is a grand passion of mine. My friend is my Canon but also, when I can’t really get away with carrying a large zoom around in my hands, my Iphone is also a great way to take pics.

I wrote an article about my favorite Iphone apps a while back, you can go to it here

Also, I wrote about my Canon (my friend, my companion, my third eye) here, I hope you may find it a little inspiring for you to get hold of your camera, may it be an automatic or an old school manual.

Everything around us is BEAUTIFUL.

Everything around us is overexposed with beauty.

So please, take that time to use your phone, your camera, your disposable picture maker to just immortalise that moment, that scene, that view that only YOU are seeing the way you are.

Share those photos, create a blog, a Tumblr, put them on Facebook and share your love of what is around you.

Here are my latest cliches, taken with both my Iphone and camera. I won’t tell which is which, maybe you can guess.

Love to you all and look forward to seeing your work (feel free to send it in so I can publish it on Parishues just like I did for Robbie or Michiko…).

Don’t forget to forget my alter ego’s Tumblr, my other sometimes darker side at


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