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I am Robbie Hassett (an interview)

I first spotted Robbie’s work on Facebook and tumblr and fell in LOVE with his photographic work, so I just had to get into contact with Robbie, who is just the other side of the world from here in Paris. We have been writing ever since. Here is an interview I had with the humblest, very talented (and probably a little bit wild) Mr Hassett (and his unique life story):


Robbie Hassett photography

Robbie Hassett photography

Robbie Hassett photography

Fiona: so, give me a little bit of background on yourself? Where are your from, what do you do?

Robbie: Well my name is Robbie Hassett.  I’m 27 and South Korean, adopted into an Italian family when I was 5 months old from Long Island New York.  I spent the earlier part of my adult life touring in various musical projects pursuing a music career.  While doing this I attended college and received a degree in commercial arts and design.  While at college I realized that I not only loved working on and editing photographs, I loved being behind the camera as well. Although I still write and record music, I have been focusing more on the world of photography as another creative outlet.

Fiona: So tell me more about your love for music and photography?

Robbie: Growing up when and where I lived, was very interesting when it came to music.  Pop/hip hop were booming etc (when pdiddy was still puff daddy…and britney spears, nsync was happening at the same time) and I wanted absolutely no part of that.  I was listening to more underground music, stuff that you can only hear if you went to the local venues, and picked up a cd at a show.  Remember, there was no downloading yet.  So if you wanted to listen to a band that wasn’t on the radio, you had to make it out to a show, cause the bands weren’t big enough to have their records in stores.  With this DIY and support your local scene atitude I ended up picking up the guitar and taking lessons.  From there I dreamed as most teens do, to one day be in a rock band.  After being in many terrible ones in highschool, I dropped out of my first year of college and told my parents “I want to tour in a rock band, I’m dropping out”.  Bam, start touring a few months later in my first serious project, but through out the many years that I was on the road, bands came and went.  Bands come and go, but you just have to keep playing.  In between musical projects during that time I went back to college for graphic design, falling in love with photography.  Although I still play music, and always will, a page has turned in my life.  I’m focusing more on my work as a photographer, and playing music for fun, instead of pursuing a music career.

Robbie Hassett portrait

The man himself

Fiona: What are your favourite subjects for your photos?

Robbie: I love to shoot people.  All sorts of people.  I love shooting a lot of musicians because I get to spend time with other artists who are from similar worlds.  I love shooting people from different ethnic backgrounds, it’s a wonderful thing to get to capture the beauty of people from other parts of the world.
Fiona: What camera and zooms do you use? Do you tend to edit them a lot (if yes, with which software)?

Robbie: I shoot Canon, with an assortment of Canon L Glass.  It really depends on the shoot, some of which I edit a great deal because there is a surreal type of world I’m trying to create, but some I keep very minimal editing, more photo journalistic types of looks.  I tend to use Capture One, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator quite a bit.

Fiona: What’s your dream? What are you striving for?

Robbie: Haha, oh what don’t I dream about.  I would love to be recognized for either my photography or music work, in which I can build a full time career in either or.  In the way how some actors are also musicians, I’d like to do something like that with music and photography….and hopefully one day acting!  I don’t know how one would measure success.  But to me, success is in the eye of the beholder, what that person values.  In a way, I am trying to achieve the feeling of being content with my life.  Haha, unfortuntely, I’m always pushing for more so I don’t know if I’ll ever feel that!

I personally think that Robbie is well on his way to contentment… pushing your limits IS a way of getting there, don’t you think?

Here is where you can find Robbie for all sorts of photographic assignements.

He posesses that unique gift that only some artists really have: to make the ordinary EXTRA-ordinary (with a touch of rock n roll in there too)

Robbie’s website HERE

Robbie’s official FB page

Robbie super tumblr

Robbie Hassett photography

Robbie Hassett photography

Robbie Hassett photography

Robbie Hassett photography

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