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Reflection on turning 40

40th Birthday

40th Birthday

40th Birthday

It’s about to happen. What used to be midlife but is now still youth for many of us, is hitting me tomorrow.

And you know what?

It’s an awakening.

I am not saying I know it all but hey, at the age of 39 years 364 days and give or take a few hours, I feel like I am entering a new phase but with a certain acquired inner serenity, a love for things so simple that I have always had and a certainty, a rock solid certainty, that I have been utterly and completely spoilt, blessed to have the beautiful life, son, friends and universe that is mine.

Introspection. A great phase to go through. It’s painful like a hammer on a thumb but more enlightening than storm clouds lifted, if analyzed properly. And without obsession.

I have moved on to a newfound simplicity in the last few years and tomorrow, well, tomorrow is marking the beginning of the rest of a beautiful adventure, a sometimes heavy experience that is life. I press everything I can to get out of it only the sweetest nectar. The essence of this Life.

40th Birthday

I thank my friends for being here, my son for loving me like nothing else matters and making every day sparkle with pouring sparks of experience and happiness.

I celebrate this post with photography from my Tumblr Wesensual to illustrate the life that I see through the eyes that I have.

I hope you enJOY.

40th Birthday

40th Birthday

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