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The small towns of our childhood

Commercy ChateauCommercy FranceVieux CommercyAvenue des Tilleuls Commercy

We all have places that, as children, we found mystical and enchanting. Places that are part of our memories, where we discovered smells, lights, noises and feelings we had never experienced nor even dreamt of before.

My holidays up until my late adolescent years were all spent in Commercy, in the North East of France, place where the Madeleine (that beautiful little bergamot flavoured cake) is queen and deep France is still present and very much intact.

I adore the castle, the paved streets where I used to ride my bicycle while enjoying the emptiness of the streets on hot summer afternoons. Walking under the large Tilleuls trees on my way to the woods, horse riding and feeling free and so many many other memories. I go back occasionally to visit my beautiful grand mother, here are some pictures of a last stay. Pictures of a brass band gaily and proudly walking down the main street, of the castle, the main avenue, the beautiful lush fields where I like to walk while feeling the grass and plants caress my ankles.

Commercy, MeuseCommercy Castle

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