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A letter to Jean Paul Gaultier & his naughty Christmas

Jean Paul Gaultier ChristmasJean Paul Gaultier ChristmasJean Paul Gaultier Christmas

Jean-Paul, dearest Jean-Paul, you are the Papa Noel of all Parisian girls.

I have always owned a marinière from your boutique every since I can remember and your spontaneous and fresh look on fashion (and your super collection for Levis) make happy go lucky but not total fashion victims like me feel skipping with girl like joy and EXITED TO WEAR YOUR COLLECTIONS!

Every single collection. Always.

What’s more, your advent calendar is a jewel. I still haven’t actually won anything yet but I love it SO MUCH that I have been playing it every day. I still have my last chance tomorrow. Papa Gaultier Noel, make me win a lovely prize from one of your latest collections. Make it so….

And if you can’t, well, I share it with all my beloved readers out there. Because even if they don’t win either (and I hope they DO), they can still merrily giggle and play with your little Jean-Paul inspired cartoons by clicking here

In the name of all the girls in Paris, nous  vous aimons Monsieur Gaultier*! Joyeux Naughty Noël to you too xoxoxoxox

(*we love you Monsieur Gaultier)

Jean Paul Gaultier ChristmasJean Paul Gaultier Christmas

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