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Christmas Party Paris vintage dress up!

Black lace vintage dressBermuda skirtPolker dot skirtGold Blouse Paris

This weekend is ALL about dressing up for Christmas. I love parties, whether it be family Christmas, with friends or just a night out on the town!!

In Paris there is ALWAYS an excuse to get dress up! Here are some new outfits I put together thanks to some really great finds recently at my local vintage market in the Marais. Most items are in My Little Shop of WOnders if you want to take a peek!

So here’s today’s selections, more coming tomorrow. Hope they inspire you for the festive season (and let’s remember so as to avoid that post Christmas and New Year anti climax with the though: there’s no set TIME to party and get dressed up, so let’s get our glad rags on all year round ladies!!!)

Polker dot miniskirt and Gold blouse oufitPolker dot skirtAnchor Tattoo Paris

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