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Goodbye Summer

Bye bye summer outfits and shorts and swimming without a wetsuit in the deep and agitated Ocean.

Hello layers, hats, stocking and tights, my wetsuit.

Honestly, I love Autumn. It’s my favorite season. The colors, the colder crispier days, the way the forest shades to hues of orange. Melancholia, totally accepted and welcome. Which is a rare thing.

What’s your favorite and why? Hope to hear from you soon xxxx

Goodbye SummerAutumn in ParisSummer in Paris

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  1. Gorgeous photos !! You are beautiful. Just like Paris. What a beautiful place to be, isn’t it?
    I am missing it, but not my embarrassing french attempts. We lived there for 2 years, and yet…I became an expert at “oh my Gawd, what did I just say?”
    Big hugs,

    • Fiona

      Lynne, I love your blog too. And your courage.
      When you are next here, let’s practice some French and you can tell me all about your life, which seems beautiful even though it is certainly hard at times.
      You make me laugh, that’s so cool when you think it’s from the other side of the planet.
      Thanks for your encouragement, it’s really great to hear, really. Grosses bises à toi et ta famille xxxx

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