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Insider tips: THE RULES to shopping sales in Paris

Paris sales 2013Paris sales tipsSales tips Paris

The sales in France are on tomorrow and for the next 5 weeks.

Yes. I am warming up.

Rule #1: stretch legs (to run into the store). Elbows out (to defend your perimetre). Comfortable Isabelle Marant shoes ON (you can’t look like a complete mess, this is still all about fashion).

Rule #2: No handbag. Just your card (no bag: creates total ease of movement).

Rule #3: Go by YOURSELF. Nobody comes with me. As Willen Dafoe said in a famous Vietnam inspired movie:

“I move faster alone”.

Rule #4: The theory of SALES: It’s all about knowing what you want AND where you want to go. You don’t actually go for a “walk” around the sales, especially on the first day. You need to be focused, have an aim, some retail goals.

So tomorrow, I have some tips for you. Some insider Parisian locations that you can visit ONLINE too (I am NICE like that) so you get to shop the sales from wherever you may be on this big and beautiful planet:

Yes. As many people don’t always get to go to the Parisian sales (and probably wouldn’t want to put themselves through the sheer TRAUMA of foul play, agressive and hysterical behaviour) I thought I would compile my “best of Parisian brands” to shop for at sales time.

For those who can get there in person, run to the boutiques mentioned tomorrow, spend a night sleeping in front of their front door, beg a shop assistant to let you sleep behind the counter (the bargains are on for the next 5 weeks but the quicker you go the better). Anything. Just so you get there when the best bargains are still ON and preferably on a morning (when the shop is still stocked).

The online tips will also be up on parishues tomorrow at 8h00 am French time (you can see what time that is for you if you are not in France on my world clock here) so you can hopefully order what you want when the sales officially start by 9h00 am or AT LEAST have a look at what’s available!

In the mean time, you can browse through my post here to see what other brands I would recommend and that you can order online too.

Bonne chance ladies. See you all tomorrow, let’s get our hands on some bargains!

Paris sales location


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