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It’s NOT what you wear…

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I have always loved loved clothes, fashion, cutting up fabrics, sewing them back together and generally customising clothes that I find in vintage shops but also more recent and mainline department stores.

In Paris I shop vintage at the flea market, vintage markets, super pretty second hand boutiques and of course Didier Ludot’s boutiques.

But I don’t ONLY do vintage. I really like checking out what’s going on in the mainline stores too and mixing loads of styles up together. Ok, so I always end up looking preppy or sporty chic but that just seems to be what I feel comfortable with and I am HAPPY WITH THAT.

You see, after years of searching for a style, asking myself what someone else would think of what I was wearing, I finally reached the conclusion that the only person it should really matter to is ME.

That was liberating.

Sparks going OFF inside my little red head.

And so now,  yes YES I do go for classics, YES for vintage eternal items but when I wear classic I never look it completely.

Because I just am NOT classic.

I am tattooed, I am bohemian and I love to love and to love life.


Everything about it. Every little detail.

And it dawned upon me that whatever style I wear, whether it’s super chic with my 12 inch heels, my pocahontas boots and laidback look or my preppy student style, I look like the attitude I am wearing it with. And MAN that feels good.

Dressing up is a pleasure, not a stress. It’s a way of expressing yourself but it shouldn’t be daunting.

Clothes are cathartic. We should all wear what we feel like wearing.

And what we feel like on the day.

Look, today is me in jeans and a man’s shirt. So?

I feel good. And I decided I wanted to look good to. To me.

So let’s have fun, relax and just express ourselves through our outfits but also with our attitude: our smiles, the way we carry ourselves and our outlook on what is around us.

It’s a liberating habit to have.

DO tell me what YOU are wearing and why it makes YOU feel good!



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  1. That’s my favourite outfit at home or on sunday… I feel so relaxed this way ;)

    • Fiona

      totally! relaxing is the BEST! Fiona xoxoxo

  2. I really like this post, I think this is a great philosophy to have around clothes. Personally, i allways look best and feel happiest when I wear something I love wether other people will like it or not. Clothes are about having a good time and expressing yourself.

    • Fiona

      thank you lizzie, you are right, liking yourself is number one. What others think is secondary xoxoxo

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