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Vintage Liberty is IN in Paris

Red hair FranceFlower dress Paris

I have always loved Laura Ashley flowers and liberty patterns. I absolutely love my vintage flowery dress and love to combine it with ultra bright and slightly pastel colours.

Winter doesn’t mean black or brown or grey. It means an explosion of colour! From top to bottom and by that I even mean my red hair.

I love my red orangey hair (find out how the best way to care for coloured hair in France is here) I want to go even redder, Florence and the Machine REDDER.

In the meantime, here is my fun pastel outfit. What colours do you LOVE for the winter???


Flower outfit

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  1. Anne

    Dear Fiona,
    I love your soft pastel cardigan and beautiful red hair! It’s cold and wintry and I’m tired of black–I like soft blues and greys and rose and even coral. It makes me so happy to see you wearing a lovely Liberty print. I have collected a few but haven’t worn them, so you are inspiring me to wake up and embrace this fabulous vintage trend! For those of us who truly love it, Liberty will always be a forever classic. Now it’s time to make a Liberty bracelet using your guide! Thank you so much for your amazing style and another wonderful post! Much love to you,

    • Fiona

      Dearest Anne, I am so touched and flattered to receive your message, thank you deeply, really. I agree, pastels and colours are a way of reminding us that life is BRIGHT and that even if the weather is sometimes hard to put up with in winter, we don’t need to follow it’s grey. Pastel, liberty, bright hues, it’s all about wearing positive patterns and colours to remind us of how bright life really is (and how bright we are inside too!). I hope your liberty bracelet turned out the way you wanted it! You can find more ideas on my Etsy boutique, on ribbons and different charms you can use too. Have a love Sunday and much much love dearest Anne. Fiona

  2. Love it! So into your charming style!

    • Fiona

      Thank you Sarak!!! xoxoxo

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