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My favourite 3 French brands to order online to bring Paris to YOU!!!

Antik Batik Monoprix

Don’t you find that shopping is so much more than just BUYING the item(s) you have chosen?

It’s an escape. Time to look for a new disguise, a temporary personality that you can wear and drape yourself with. Paris shopping is great, sure. I have lived in many big cities where the shops and retail experience was just so amazing (New York, Milan, Melbourne), that’s all I seemed to ever want to be doing (but yes, I had a high flying job back then which earnt me big money for big shopping sprees). Now, I think that money or not, you don’t always want to have to trudge into the boutique, face the sales assistants and all the other people gazing hopefully at the myriad of outfits on display.

So the web is great for that. And French brands have caught ON to that. So here’s my pick of favourite online stores, where you can find some great brands and really great prices and order from wherever YOU are in the world.

Antik Batik at Monoprix -  because I just fell in love with this 70s Scandinavian style tea set and the mexican cardigan (this is going to go soooo well with my Pocahontas fringed boots) and because I love the brand

Antik Batik for Monoprix

The new innovative Parisian brand ba&sh has a new online shop added to their already existing boutiques. The shapes and patterns and minimalistic this winter but I love the greys. I ordered this grey coat from them!

And no self respecting Parisian goes without a couple of staple items from the Kooples. These are my boots from last season. I was at one of their many boutiques this week and spotted this beautiful black leather jacket. Also, my next aquisition, this winter’s leather mini skirt!!!! I adore their advertising concept of couples and how long they have been together for.

Boots kooplesThe Kooples winter 2012

Kooples advert 2012And a private sale I attended a couple of years back (it ruined me. But made me a happy lady!). Ps: don’t you love their faces?

So happy shopping, I hope I have inspired you wherever you are to get decked out in french designer winter fashion now! xxxxxxx

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