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My French grandmother’s styling tips

My French Grandmother's style tips

I don’t think that choosing an outfit, looking a little different, a little dressed UP needs to be complicated. My very smart and chic French grandmother  Madou (featured above), has given me some great tips over the years. Here I share them with you:

- no flats for a dressed up look (even a small heal is a good start)

- if wearing a short skirt NO wearing total cleavage bearing shirts or tops (too nude is too much)

- accessories: never go over the top. If wearing a necklace then maybe go easy on the bracelets. Same applies if wearing heavy earrings. Same with  if you have tattoos too, remember they actually can add to an outfit but too much jewelery worn with them can be heavy on the eye.

- simple is elegant. I always saw my grandmother in basic shades and colors blocks.

- Fluidity is key: figure hugging styles aren’t always the sexiest or most flattering. Sure, there are times when it’s fun and sexy to wear that Little Black Dress, but that is because it’s black. Alternate: if figure hugging on top, go fluid on the bottom and vice versa.

This is a simple simple outfit below. The dress is actually from an Australian brand I found near Melbourne when I lived there, called Cotton On. Great basics, great fabrics. The vest is Gap and my shoes are Fossil (we shall talk about them later, I promise). The arm tattoo is recent :-)

French chic is about simplicity with a twist. Your own twist. Have fun with it! I try to.

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