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The Rules for Dressing for the Office

New Look dressNew Look dress

We all have to do it or have had to at some point in our lives… the eternal dilemna is how do you dress cool for the office?

I decided to study the question and find some solutions…
When you’re style conscious, every outfit counts; being able to express your personality through clothing is essential if you’re to feel confident about yourself. That’s why getting your office attire right is so important. Even when there is a strict dress-code for your workplace, it’s possible to dress in a fashionable and comfortable way that will make you feel invigorated and still yourself, ready for anything the business day throws at you!

Here’s a guide on how to dress for your office dress-code:

Business attire
If you’re company requests you dress in ‘business attire’ then it is suggested that you dress in suits and ties – the most formal of business approaches. For men this is straight forward, but for women putting together business attire can be a little more complex; whilst trousers suits will be suitable, they’re not the most fashion forward of options. Try experimenting with a smart blazer and dress combo. A simple midi length navy blue dress with a matching cardigan could be one option or a pencil skirt, elegant blouse and suit jacket another. Business attire requires that you wear professional closed toe shoes. The right accessories can add to a professional outfit so choose a formal yet practical handbag and consider a glamorous belt or chic jewellery that can compliment a business look.

Business Casual attire
Business Casual attire is getting more and more common. This gives workers more freedom and the chance to express individuality. This dress-code means dressing smart and professionally, but with no need to be excessively formal. Men can opt for shirt and trousers (without suit jacket) and shoes may be of a more casual style (though trainers are not appropriate!). Women can wear smart coloured trousers, open-toed heels and pumps, smart bodycon dresses, knit tops and jumpers.

Casual attire
A completely casual dress code can be difficult to approach, and is probably the least common of business attire currently in the workplace. One employee’s definition of ‘casual’ could be very different to another’s. Generally, casual business wear means wearing smart jeans and t-shirts and smart trainers/shoes however rips, tears and offensive slogans should not be worn. Definite no-no’s on a casual dress code are also: caps, beanies, tank tops, shorts and flip-flops. When you’re dressing casually you may also have to pay attention to company colours; often businesses do not want their employees to be wearing too bright shades to work. Typical professional colours include: black, blue, brown tan and off-white.

If you’re an employer setting a dress-code for your office, make sure that you clearly list what you expect from your employees and what you clothes you will accept to be worn.
When you’re new to a job, always check in advance for the dress-code or pay attention to potential co-worker’s dress sense at your interview.

I personally shop all my business clothes at some vintage stores but online I loooove
New Look. They are a super cool second largest womenswear retailer in the UK, with over 1,000 stores worldwide. New Look offers a range of work appropriate items whether you’re looking for a formal pencil skirt or sophisticated blue dress and at super prices. Let’s go take a look and get some cool work outfits going!

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