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Tips for a gorgeously fraganced home

home frangances

home frangances

Certain smells are as evocative as a photograph, or even more so.

They take you back to a place or moment in time that you may have forgotten all about. After all, why is it that people trying to sell their houses are always told to bake a cake before potential buyers look round? It’s so that the prospective new owners instantly associate the house with a warm, homey feel they may well have felt in their childhood home, where Mum would often bake a cake to have after tea.


 So many aromas work together to make your house feel welcoming. In the kitchen, having a clean work surface paves the way for the fragrances of the tasty food you cook to waft their way throughout the space. Your lounge may be full of the fragrance of flowers, your bedroom the tantalising aroma of crispy clean sheets. Bathrooms can be made into the most enticing of spaces with the help of essential oils and scented bubble baths.

Perhaps you have been too busy rushing around after Christmas to pay much attention to how your house smells at the moment. I don’t mean that you’ve let it get dirty, rather that you haven’t had time to make it feel even lovelier with the addition of gorgeous-smelling things.

home frangances


What to do, what to do?

Why not start by placing some scented candles in your lounge or the largest open space in your house? There are so many delightful types of candle to choose from and you can match colours and designs to your heart’s content! Pot-pourri or dried flowers make an excellent choice for your entrance hall, as you can greet guests as they arrive with a delicate, floral odour. Incense can add an exciting, thrilling edge to a dinner party or special occasion, but, as with candles, remember to keep an eye on any flames.

The kitchen is of course the place where both you and guests will spend a great deal of time so make it smell as fabulous as possible. A quick, simple way to do so, which will also make your cleaning routine that bit more interesting, is to purchase some fragranced antibacterialcleaning products to use in the kitchen, such as Zoflora. You may have noticed that your standard sprays and bleach get the job done, but don’t smell particularly inspiring. Fragranced cleaning products change this for the better and leave the kitchen smelling flowery and fragrant all week.

In your dining room, it’s a good idea to polish your wooden furniture on a regular basis as this will help to keep the room airy. Candles and dried flowers work well here too, as do air fresheners that are triggered by motion sensors. Why not choose a warm, cinnamon aroma that works with the furniture?Fresh flowers are of course another way to quickly make your dining room smell delicious.


Use these ideas to freshen up your home, bringing all the joys of the outdoors inside this winter, and you will soon notice just how great your home smells!

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