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An ode to the purest Parisian honey from La Butte

Honey - Butte Montmartre, ParisHoney products
DID you know that there are many beehives spread accross Paris and that the honey extracted from these is one of the purest you can find in France?

Despite what you may think about pollution and lack of flowers around for the bees to suckle on, some of the most reputed, exclusive and purest honey is produced by the Parisian Bee. The shop that I normally visit (the pots photographed here were sold at a market) is in Montmartre and the producers have been around for generations.

The boutique “Les Abeilles” sells honey produced in the Parc Kellerman, near the Passage de la Bievre on the Butte Montmartre. They (the owners, not the bees) are friendly and really helpful and have such a wide variety of products (honey derived of course).

Here is the website. Any one out there with some really great honey ideas (recipees or producers) is REALLY welcome to write in!!!

Sweet Saturday to you all xxxx

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