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Floral decoration – where to go & a few tips

Flowers flowers flowers.
They just light up a room, I love putting them in my office as they inspire me while I work.
Here are some new bouquets from various markets and here is the link again of all Paris markets and their opening days and times but you can obviously get these types of flowers from everywhere you go:

My favourite are:
tulips that you can get all year round now, faded pink or even purple or yellow are great for lightening up a work space or even a kitchen.
Tulips are always best kept in only a little water (bottom of stems immerged) and I personally add a table spoon of sugar, which I was once told by a Covent Garden florist, made flowers last much longer. Finally, I find tulips are modern and go well with a 60s or 70s decor, so keep the vase simple (white, even a water jug will do) and put them slap bang in the middle of your living room to brighten up your view (away from radiators please).
Roses are classics but go really well when held in vintage vases. I own a few vintage whisky decanters which often end up being used to hold my flowers. Red/white roses and crystal decanters: look so Victorian, great for a boudoir bedroom look. Roses often come with lots of foliage: take half of it off! The bouquest doesn’t need all those leaves there and they will end up by chocking the flowers. Stems must be dipped high in water. As with tulips, add a table spoon of sugar to the water to prolong the bouquet’s life and, as with all flowers, trim the stems every two days and change the water at least every two days.
And dont forget, once they have nearly wilted, cut off all the stems and put the heads in a bowl filled with water. It makes a great center piece for a dinner!
Enjoy the aromas! xxx
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