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I love: Erwin Olaf

Erwin Olaf
Ever since I discovered this photographer more than 4 years ago, I follow every new masterpiece he produces. Because everything he does is honestly, pure, captivating, emotional and dramatic.
His vast range of different portraits are segemented into series and projects, such as my personal favourites Hope Portraits 2005 and Grief 2007, Rain 2004 but also nudes and autoportaits that are esthetic and pure, airbrushed to perfection.
Erwin originates from the Netherlands and has been on the art scene since the mid eighties.
GO visit his exhibition, if a little dark for my taste, it really is fantastic and transports you to one of his many, hidden universes.

Erwin Olaf at The Galerie Rabouan-Moussion, 121 rue Vieille du Temple, 3rd arrondissement in Paris.

or visit Erwin’s website:
Erwin Olaf, photographerdutch photographer, Erwin Olafphotography by Erwin Olaf

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