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Me and my iphone apps

my smart phone
I cant go without my smart phone. I take pictures ALL the TIME.Iphone to be particular. I recently actually decided to invest and went from iphone 3 to 4S, and even to the techie ignoramus that I am, there is just absolutely no way ever I could ever go back to using anything else. Well, the iphone 5 (out in September), just maybe…
Taking pics with an iphone is not always easy as the angle is always huge so you end up taking pictures of a lot more than what you expected. The trick is to try and get in as close as you can without zooming in. Be careful that, if you dont have a flash on your phone, the subject is lit properly as you will get nothing out of your pics at all.
And then, you have the APPS. The holy Apps that make our photos fun, retro, fixed in a beautiful dream like moment, vintage or just different. And different is GOOD.
My favourite apps and the ones I use the most often are:
- Instagram (although I frequently find that fitting my photo into their square frame just doesnt do the picture justice)
- Tilt Shift (I really like the Generator) which enables you to personalise your pictures completely without pre set templates
- Vintage Cam (although it’s a square frame again) gives you really really great retro options with a soft or yellow tinted haze
- Picture Show, which has various really great format and retro to super saturated tints too.

I will go into this in detail in future on the blog but for the moment, just give them a try out!
my iphone appsme and my iphone

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  1. I am soooo in lust with my iPhone. I am not a techie by nature, but the moment we met, it was love at first site and we have never parted… ever!!!! Love your site!

    • Fiona

      I agree Nicki!!! A lot of my pics are taken with my iphone, the apps are so much fun and the new Iphone 4S has got an amazing inbuilt camera as you must know! Happy New Year to you and picture taking too xoxoxoxo

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