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Vintage decoration inspired à la Parisienne

Some friends in the Marais area of Paris like to call on me sometimes for some shop decoration and branding inspiration.
Having been lucky enough to work in this field before and spend my time going from boutique to boutique arranging displays and windows, I have had lots of ideas that I got to try out.
My personal taste obviously always ends up by prevailing: warm, well-lit and a touch of retro.
Here are some really good ideas of how to dress your boutique but mainly some trends in interior decoration for your homes, from what I see daily in the shops and markets that I love. I hope this inspires you.
To find the objects (in this case frames, old bottles, small tiles and small pictures) I tend to go to thrift stores and second hand markets (as mentioned, in Paris les Puces de Saint Ouen are great for this) and never forget attic sales which really are a treasure trove of retro objects. You can personalise these too, that will come in another section though!
I hope you enjoy the inspirations!
Above I used many old frames of different sizes, or stand alone on a table or hung on a wall in a random disposition. Never try to be geometrical with layouts, it doesn’t end up working.
vintage decorationshop decorationinterior decorationboutique - Paris, the Marais
These are basically old tiles, used for bathroom deco mostly. HERE you have to be symetrical and line them all up because there are so many. Otherwise line them up diagonally on a wall. Make sure colours blend with one another and just be creative and let yourself have fun with the choice of tiles and layout!
Coral. Shells. This is so easy to get your hands on, during your beach vacation for example. I found some old glass cases (I think they belonged to a biology lab in an old University) and then just put the coral inside. These are beautiful sun bleached colours that I love. Also the vases were found at an old thrift store, add a couple of spring flowers and they immediately brighten up any room.
glass casesvases

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