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3 questions to real people: Maddi I.

Maddie my fitness coach

This lady is wonderful. Really amazing. I feel so honoured when people open up to me and share their time and life stories with me.

And she has the best set of accessories I have ever seen on ANYONE!

I met Maddi when she started teaching my fabulous body combat class after she joined my gym near the beachouse. So after having introduced Julie to you, here is the a little conversation with the lovely Maddi I:

What is your background and why did you get into sports and fitness for your work?

I started to compete at swimming on French national level at the age of 13 until I was 20 and I also competed at Handball from the age of 10 until I was 22. I studied sports studies at University but I really felt that I wanted to work so I studied for the diploma that I needed to get to start teaching fitness and that was it, I got it and started working as a fitness instructor and loved it!!!

What do you love about your job Maddi?

I am 28 and have been doing this job for 5 years but I have always been a sporty person. What I LOVE about this job is I get to be surrounded by people who are just like me. It’s easier for me to relate and express myself to people who are like minded I guess.

Is this a forever job?

I do what I do instinctively. I think my next step would be to have a little business of my own one day, coaching people and still giving fitness classes, maybe setting it up as a family business as my brothers are also super sporty! As long as I get to workout and be healthy, that’s all that counts.

They say simplicity is beauty, that’s what beautiful Maddi is all about. Can’t wait to be at her next class soon!


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