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Je veux etre un homme heureux

… I want to be a happy man. William Sheller wrote an absolute life changing gem here. He talks about people who look in the same direction, purely because they love one another. And he would like to do the same with the woman he is singing to.

I have no words but to say this song touches me to my core. Let’s all try to be happy, just by visualising it.

William Sheller

Merci Monsieur Sheller


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  1. wow, I love this. I can only understand a bit of french, but sometimes music is what you don’t need a translation for, right?
    love your blog so much!

    • Fiona

      I could have translated it all Kotryna but I think the general gist is from the title and the actual melody! I am a big fan of Depeche Mode and I read recently that Martin Gore (the main composer and guitarist) said that he was against translating songs, as part of the magic is making up what a song means to US in our own way! Thanks so much for your comment and encouragement too. Fiona xoxoxo

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