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Ride Lana Ride – short reel feat. Lana del Rey

Yes, I’ve always liked her. Ever since I discovered her thanks to some obscure english music magazine I was reading in London when I was back home there beginning 2011.

Lana is childlike like Judy Garland; sexy like Marilyn; akward and shy like a female Cobain and strangely dramatic like the french singer Dalida.

This short film goes well with her Lynch like aura, the one she seems to feel comfortable in. I especially love the bikers, the tattoos, the desert and that suspened tyre she is swinging on. As if she were at the Burning Man festival in Nevada’s Black Rock desert, a bird perched on a swing singing her melodies for those who catch them.

She was born from nowhere into a world only she really belongs in.

Enjoy xxxxxx

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