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A beautiful Deli in Paris

Pates d'amandes NoelMarzepan fruit FranceMarzepan Christmas shapes FranceThere is a little deli near my house that I go to sometimes to get fresh Mozarella Buffala for my Caprese Salads and beautiful olive oils that I use in salads, on fish and also for cooking.

At Christmas, I allow myself some mutlicoloured little treats because I know this little shop sells the most beautiful Marzepan characters and shapes. They are often too pretty to eat!

Here are is my favorite selection. My special faves are the pears, that seem to be looking around them, bewildered. They are probably wondering what we are all doing staring at them! I just want to whisper to them “It’s because you’re so beautiful”…

Here’s the link to this special place, Julhés really is a one of kind Deli!


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  1. Oh those Julhés marzipan characters are so cute! Think the apricots are my favorites :)

    • Fiona

      Ha ha, thanks for your opinion Judith, indeed the apricots are just juicefully gorgeous!!! Have a lovely New Year too, Fiona xoxoxox

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