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A journey to Dubai

Abu Dhabi MosqueBurj Khalifa viewTextiles DubaiView Dubai

My brother lives in this desert City on the gulf. A city with galaxy scrapers that come from a world of Bladerunner beauty.

There are hundreds of foreigners whirling around trying out a new life, full of riches and promises of wealth, of fast cars, beautiful dresses, fancy restaurants and luxurious opulence.

I went to Abu Dhabi to visit the amazing Mosque, full of arabian flowers drawn onto the walls and crystal chandeliers, an immense carpet for all our little bare feet to walk on.

To the the Burj Khalifa tower, on the 123rd floor, so high up it was like being up in flight, inside a static bird with views of desert, city and sea.

To the Palm where hotels of ultimate luxury lay, filled with delicious restaurants, aquariums, water parcs and villas most of us could only dream of.

To restaurants where the food was fine, opulent and quite original; to the old town to meet taylors from Mumbai, ribbon sellers from Pakistan and textile merchants from Delhi.

Quite an amazing journey. Once back in France, days passed before I could get back to a little bit of my normal life.

I tasted a week of the oddest, most opulent and man made life ever. Here are some little holiday snaps that I share with you xxxxx

Ribons DubaiAbu Dhabi Mosque MuralSunset Dubai

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  1. It looks like everything I had imagined! Beautiful and mysterious…

    • Fiona

      Yes it certainly was all that… xoxoxo

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