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Chez Minus

Chez Minus prawns

Chez Minus Capbreton

Chez Minus food

Having lunch or dinner at a long wooden table sitting on a long wooden bench, next to complete strangers, eating fresh muscles, shrimps, sardines and home made fries with salad, all washed down with a chilled bottle of white.

This is what I love doing in summer at the great eatery Chez Minus in Capbreton, near where I have set up camp for now. It really is great food, the atmosphere is super laid back and the staff are really helpful and sweet. As I eat my fries and shrimps, I watch the boats enter and leave the harbour, watch my neighbours dig into their generous portions of food all of which is served on paper plates. Cantine style, in the best possible way.

Visit Chez Minus in Capbreton by the harbour if you can or go have a look at their website and hope to see you there among the happy, satisfied, sunkissed faces.

Chez Minus menu

Chez Minus Hossegor

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