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This week’s coup de Coeur part TWO: the townhouse in Bastille

This is my area of Paris and let me tell you, to actually find a HOUSE in the 11th arrondissement is something of an achievement! I didn’t even know this place existed until I set foot into it and it’s something of an optical dilemma: from the outside it looks minute and once you have entered into it’s 75m2 interior, you realize that it really is pretty large and big! It helps that the ceilings are very very high and skylights flood the living room with bright white Paris sky.

Paris flat BastilleBook a Flat Paris flat

I really love modern design, if it is mixed with old pieces. Here the owner gets away with super modern and stark because of the old Parisian shell that houses it.

The 11th arrondissement, Bastille, vibrant area of Paris, obviously a real symbol of the French revolution some 200 years ago but also now, a very commercial place to shop (rue du Faubourg Saint Antoine), go out at night (rue de Lappe, rue de Charonne) and let’s not forget my favorite tattoo parlor where Romain and his compadres ink me with their talent and art (read about these super talented and professional tattoo artists in my post here). I could go on for hours about restaurants and bars around here but, let’s keep that for later.

Appartement Bastille Paris

Enjoy the inspirational design and good taste of this wonderfully private house, more info on it here. Thanks for the opportunity Stan and your Book-a-Flat!

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