The photographic journal of my cupcake making Sunday

Hundreds cupcakeStar cupcakesCupcake recipee for all occasions It's the trend isn't it? What a good yummy spongy sweet nostalgia filled trend it is. So after having told you where to get your cupcakes in Paris (haven't you been yet? If not here is where it's at, in my last post about these little Fairy Cakes as the British call them) I actually tested making them with my lovely American friend Karin. Read on...
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Hello Autumn

I love love this season. Here is all about AUTUMN, so let's celebrate it!!!! xxxx Autumn
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Yesterday I tasted these: patisseries Lionel Raux from Bayonne

Tarts - Raux, Bayonne Yesterday my friend Karin originally from Paolo Alto and her friend Marc from Belgium invited me and my son over for dinner. Apart from the delicious olive and lemon marinated chicken Karin made for us, Marc had gone to Bayonne to get us desert and I just had to mention these cakes to you, to share and in case you get to go! Patisseries Lionel RauxMarc went to Raux in Bayonne, the local chocolatier and patissier in the centre of Bayonne, Basque Country. They are open nearly every day and all the locals go there for their cakes! In the box lay 3 beautiful Baba au Rhum, basically some really moist sponge cakes with a vanilla cream base. These are normally coved and filled with Rum but here the they actually give you a little plastic seringe filled with Rum so you can dowse it yourself so the taste is still totally fresh. You can even go without if you want (although it would be such a shame...). The Raspberry tart was gorgeous and filled with Crème Pâtissière (a type of thick vanilla cream) and so was the Pear tart. My son absolutely loved te Chocolate Layered Cake which was made of alternate leaves of light and dark chocolate and mousse in between. It went down a treat! Followed by a nice coffee, decaf for dinner and the company of my very good friends. Life is sweet, I hope you also are spending a happy weekend xxx Chocolatier - Lionel Raux Read on...
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Chocolate lunch rue du Faubourg St Honoré

chocolate tart Today I met good friend Stan, who has his offices on Place Vendome and he took me to talk business at the best place for chocolate of all kinds I think I have ever been to. Ever. And honestly, I know my chocolate. Read on...
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Chestnut & Chocolate sticky fridge cake

cake Attention all cooks: this is a rich, rich slice that is good served with a dab of vanilla ice cream or drunk with a fresh mint tea. I initially discovered this recipe in Nigella's Lawson list of recipees and have since adapted it to be even stickier and a real little sinful treat! The beauty of it is that the cold actually binds it all together, so no oven cooking either. Ingredients: 500g sweetened chestnut purée 150g softened unsalted butter 50g sweetened condensed milk 300g 70% dark chocolate Put the chestnut purée in a bowl and beat/whisk it until it is smooth, then add the (very)softened butter, beating until it all mixes into a purée-ish texture. Once you have melted the chocolate and cooled it slighty, add it to the purée mixture and add the condensed milk. You have to keep on beating it all together so that the texture is even. Prepare a pyrex or cake mould by lining in with cling film and poor the mixture in (making sure it takes up the whole mould and is still thinly spread). Cover the dish with another layer of cling film and put into the freezer for 45 mn. Then transfer into the fridge for 4 hours. Its ready to eat. And boy is it good xxx chestnut puréeready to eat - Recipe Read on...

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