Ways to treat a fig right

fig and banana smoothie Roasted figs and brie Fig, prosciutto and parmesan salad So, how do you, can you, eat them? In a smoothie. This morning I mixed a banana, five fresh figs and a peach with some soya milk. Wow, great result. Roasted figs with brie: Place a few slices figs into an oven safe dish. Top with thin slices of brie/mozzarella cheese. Place under the grill for 10 mn until the cheese has melted. Read on...
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Facts about Autumn fruit: FIGS

Figs: the FACTSWhy figs are good for you My mum has a huge fig tree in her garden. This autumn fruit is my complete favorite. I must be eating it by the kilo a day at the moment. I picked about 10 kilos last weekend. Facts: Fresh figs are low in fat (the same as an apple per 100g) and is one of the fruit with the densest quantity of the minerals: calcium and phosphorus (great Read on...
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