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All Good Hossegor All Good Hossegor All Good Hossegor All Good Hossegor I have spoken about this beautiful concept store in Hossegor, French Surf Capital of EUROPE on the blog before (All Good) and about the owners' other project Woll Beer too. Read on...

Hot Chocolate – Fluffy Bayonne Style

Cazenave Bayonne

Cazenave Bayonne   Cazenave Bayonne This place is bliss. Cazenave Bayonne You seen the film CHOCOLAT? Where Juliette Binoche moves into a small french town and opens up a chocolatery and drives the prude and often closed minded villagers into a frenzy of delight and happiness by giving them chocolate in all it's forms in her chocolaterie? I have found such a place. It exists and it's underneath the arches in Bayonne, South West France. I mean I knew Bayonne was famous for it's chocolate (see here) but this beats all chocoholic experiences. Read on...
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Coffee Marcots Hossegor It has been a while. The creative vibes have penetrated me again, seeping into my pours, all my senses alight with inspiration. INSPIRATION. Inspiration Isn't it wonderful when it takes over again. For whatever reason, sudden creative paralysis sporadically grips us, plunging us into pragmatism and a sometimes slightly too raw every day life. And then we WAKE UP. Like after drinking a strong coffee at your favorite cafe. I woke up around 13h47 last Thursday and decided it was time to start writing, painting, photographing, sharing the immense fascination I have for life again and this world that surrounds us all. Sundown France Read on...
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Chez Minus

Chez Minus prawns Chez Minus Capbreton Chez Minus food Having lunch or dinner at a long wooden table sitting on a long wooden bench, next to complete strangers, eating fresh muscles, shrimps, sardines and home made fries with salad, all washed down with a chilled bottle of white. This is what I love doing in summer at the great eatery Chez Minus in Capbreton, near where I have set up camp Read on...
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A journey to Dubai

Abu Dhabi MosqueBurj Khalifa viewTextiles Dubai My brother lives in this desert City on the gulf. A city with galaxy scrapers that come from a world of Bladerunner beauty. There are hundreds of foreigners whirling around trying out a new life, full of riches and promises of wealth, of fast cars, beautiful dresses, fancy restaurants and luxurious opulence. I went to Abu Dhabi to visit Read on...

Visit to a loft brasserie in Bordeaux

BordeauxrestaurantLeCarreBordeauxLeCarreBordeaux I was in Bordeaux last week, going to vintage markets and shops. Lots of walking about, lots of really great and fun vintage clothes and accessories that I will be adding to the new online boutique from December. It's hard work discovering treasures! I love Bordeaux. It's like a little Paris (currently the 6th largest city in France), the Read on...
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