I spotted this tag, this morning

Paris Street tag ... on my way to get our sunday morning bread and pains au chocolat, this had been tagged onto an old shop. Don't get me wrong, I am not into vandalizing anybody's property. However, I have always loved street art, especially when it's super cute like this! He says "Do you love me" and she blutently answers "No". Did they argue? Does she Read on...
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Photography from the beach – Graphs and Tags

These are photographies taken from a shoot I have wanted to do for a while on the beach in Bayonne/Anglet. I just had to wait for the right weather to come along that would chase the tourists away but bring on the perfect light for these pictures. The contrast of sand and concrete, of colour versus neutrality was a real blessing. This was so much fun to do, despite the strong winds. Its a great passion, photography. The freedom of this art is amazing. You can go anywhere and never feel alone, as long as you are with your camera, focalising on your next photo. Hope you like these xxxxx Street Art - France, beachTags - South West FranceLa Barre - Anglet Bayonne Read on...
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Street art from my skate park

I really love these tags. They are on the bowl of Seignosse Le Penon skate park, right near the beach. Everyone who skates or rollers ends up there at some point. My son and I included, although we go in winter when people are rare and the space is OURS! I love street art, the color, the fun, the energy and the whole VIBE in it. Freedom of expression at it's best! xxx Street Art from the skate park in Seignosse, France French Street Art Read on...
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