Jobs (tried and tested) to work around the world – Part 1

People often ask me how I have been able to travel so much and afford to live in different countries the way I have. I always respond the same way: I worked there. To travel is great but to go LIVE abroad is even greater. To wake up to newness, challenges, cultural differences, minute and big discoveries, every day. New smells, new light, new codes, new culture. It's a motivational EXPLOSION. So by looking back on the ways I was able to travel pre-kid and post-kid (because you CAN go live abroad when you have kids, no excuses) here are a few ideas of some jobs that enabled me and can therefore enable you, to leave the comfort of your local space for the comfort of newness and adventure. 1 - Teaching English Abroad Teaching English France TEFL around the world This is what enabled me to go live in a couple of countries and find work immediately. Do so I needed to have the TEFL diploma a (see link below) so I went to do a TEFL course in Madrid and the school that taught me how to become a teacher actually hired me after to teach students of English of all ages. It's fun, varied, flexible work and very inspiring if you like to meet the locals and experience the culture of where you live. The TEFL is easy enough to get if you work hard enough at it and is basically recognized everywhere in the world if you want to teach English. Go here for more info: 2 - Work on a yacht or be skipper. Sailing France Read on...
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A journey to Dubai

Abu Dhabi MosqueBurj Khalifa viewTextiles Dubai My brother lives in this desert City on the gulf. A city with galaxy scrapers that come from a world of Bladerunner beauty. There are hundreds of foreigners whirling around trying out a new life, full of riches and promises of wealth, of fast cars, beautiful dresses, fancy restaurants and luxurious opulence. I went to Abu Dhabi to visit Read on...

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