Hot Chocolate – Fluffy Bayonne Style

Cazenave Bayonne

Cazenave Bayonne   Cazenave Bayonne This place is bliss. Cazenave Bayonne You seen the film CHOCOLAT? Where Juliette Binoche moves into a small french town and opens up a chocolatery and drives the prude and often closed minded villagers into a frenzy of delight and happiness by giving them chocolate in all it's forms in her chocolaterie? I have found such a place. It exists and it's underneath the arches in Bayonne, South West France. I mean I knew Bayonne was famous for it's chocolate (see here) but this beats all chocoholic experiences. Read on...
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It’s All Good – Really

All Good HossegorAll Good HossegorAll Good Hossegor Summer is here and the beachouse is my main place of residence. The smell of ocean breeze, the pine trees rustling around me, the endless bike training sessions in the nearby mountains, swimming in the lakes and oceans, seeing my son enjoy the natural elements around him. It's all AWESOME. What's more awesome (well, on a par) is the fact Read on...
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A short essay on photography and mental print

France Hossegor Photography Lake FrancePine Forest France I still cannot stop taking mini snapshots of everything I see in my head. I think, one day, my over stimulated-sometimes-childlike brain is going to simply protest and ask me to just STOP be quiet Fiona. Just let me take is EASY for a few minutes. But until then, I do not intend to slow my mental snapshot habit. When I am able Read on...
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The supereye and perception of Bill Phelps

Wheels and Waves 2013Wheels and Waves 2013Bill Phelps Wheels and Waves 2013 This weekend in Biarritz I was lucky enough to go visit the Wheels and Waves custom and vintage motorbike gathering by the famous light house. I am fascinated by old chrome, used leather, the smell of old bikes and the sounds their owners have given to them adapting special exhausts the these amazing creatures, panthers of steel that drive Read on...
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Le Square Gardette Paris

Square Gardette ParisRestaurant ParisSquare Gardette restaurant Here's a little place I go have lunch at when am back in my old arrondissement in the 11th... next to the beautiful Square Gardette's little parc (where I used to spend my weekend afternoons with my son) lies the restaurant of the same name (no, no prizes for guessing guys). It's super vintage decor makes it a place where even having coffee Read on...
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