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Breakfast cranberry and sesame Flapjacks

Cranberry and Sesame Flapjacks - french version

Cranberry and Sesame Flapjacks - french versionCranberry and Sesame Flapjacks - french version

I share with you today this beautiful recipe for Cranberry and Sesame breakfast Flapjacks, adapted to what we have available here and without having to spend a fortune on imported golden syrup or porridge oats.

These little mamas are great with a cup of Cinamon Tea or a beautiful Soja latte, mmmm…..

They take no time to prepare and keep for a good week in an airtight container. Take them to work for your mid afternoon snack or gobble them up for breakfast. Have them before your surf session or share them with the kids (well, only if you want to). Packed full of protein and carbs, they are great for you so enjoy.

Makes 15/16

150g dried Cranberries

100g dried Sultanas

150g sesame seeds

170g butter (beurre demi-sel)

60g honey (or Syrop d’Agave)

100g brown sugar

250g organic porridge oats (flocons d’Avoine, example:Bjorg)

How to do it

1/ pre heat your oven to 170C

2/cover the cranberries and sultanas in boiling water so they plump up a little. Leave for 10mn and drain.

3/ In a pan, melt the butter, honey/syrop and sugar together then add the oats/flocons, cranberries, sultanas and sesame seeds.

4/ transfer the mixture into a tin and flatten with the back of a spoon

5/ bake for 30 to 35 minutes OR until golden

6/ wait until it has completely cooled to cut up and put in an airtight container

Tip: if you keep them in the fridge they become harder, for those who like something chewey.

7/ eat and go forth with a happy belly.

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